Apricot Dogson is an adult male who lives in Tarzan's jungle with his pet leopard, Sabor. He is role-played by ToyStoryFan123.

Apricot Dogson

His Story

Apricot was born on the 9th of January 1991, upon which, both his parents died.

He was then taken in by Simon Dogson (a dog), who raised him as his own. After his 15th birthday, Apricot decided to move on, and left Simon alone, to go and live in the jungle.

After a long expedition, visiting Paris, Germany, Norway and Italy, Apricot took 4 years to get to his destination of the jungle.

There he met Sabor, who later became his pet and close friend.

He now stays secluded in the jungle, isolated from everyone else in the world.